2LG2 – 2 speaker lines card

23 January 2023
2LG2 – 2 speaker lines card


  • Suport of 2 single or A/B lines
  • High power load up to 1000 W per line
  • 32-bit DSP audio processor
  • Built-in volume by-pass relay
  • Impedance or pilot method monitoring


The 2LG2 card is used for direct connection of 100V speaker lines. One card supports up to two speaker lines. The 2LG2 card allows two independent or two lines in A/B configuration to be powered from the same power amplifier. It is possible to connect few 2LG2 cards to common power amplifier. Speaker line monitoring is done by impedance method or by pilot signal method

2LG2 cards can be connected to 2LGA modules/cards allowing a local audio source to be connected for each 2LG2 card, increasing the number of supported audio signals for a single KG-ETH/KG-ETH-MAR controller from 4 to a maximum of 64.

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