About us

Who we are?

We are the company that continuously designs and produces a certified Voice alarm  system РIVO, since 2010. We deal with acoustics and we care about safety. Our potential is placed in the tem created by our engineers, qualified specialists and passionate acoustics. They constantly improve our products and look for solutions suited to the needs of partners and customers.

What is important to us?

Polish character, stable development and innovative, proprietary technological solutions. We design and manufacture in our country and employ native engineers to firmly develop a package of services and products based on their knowledge and experience.

Why we?

  • Because we care about those with whom we work.
  • Because we do not have clients, but only partners.
  • Because we want to work out the best solutions together and provide products and services suited to your needs.
We are also involved in social activities as well as research and scientific projects. Let’s share knowledge, educate, help and create the world around us more secure and friendly.

How do we stand out?

You won’t be alone with us. People are the most important for us and that is why we have prepared a special zone for our partners. We help, advise and we are available.