MA – Microphone Station

27 November 2018
MA – Microphone Station


  • Many types, multitude of applications
  • Enable advanced control of the IVO unit


The alarm console differs from the informative color of function keys and the availability of signal sockets. The definition of the console function takes place in the configuration software.

The console in the basic version consists of a main part equipped with a set of obligatory indicators and a set of 5 quick access buttons and 10 programmable keys. Subsequent constructions have 20, 30, 40 and more programmable buttons. Microphone consoles allow advanced control of the control panel functions. MA and MI consoles have a microphone on a flexible headband ‘goose neck’.
Microphone consoles come in three versions:
  • MA- console with “gooseneck” alarm microphone
  • MAR – console with a handheld alarm microphone
  • MI – console with information microphone

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