PAIVO School

PAIVO School

PAIVO School is a specially developed public address system to ensure safety in educational facilities.

Compliant with EN 54-16 and EN 54-4

Protection at school

- for students, teaching staff and other employees - is a key and central issue in educational facilities. Therefore the system is designed to provide appropriate measures in case of different risks like terrorist and/or fire.



  • Anti-terrorism safety
  • Fire safety
  • PAIVO Mobile – mobile cabinet that can act as a master controller and replace it
  • Emergency power supply from batteries
  • Backup amplifiers


  • School broadcasting system
  • Bell system
  • Suitable sound reinforcement for sport halls and playing fields
  • High-powered loudspeakers
  • Possibility to combine distributed locations into one system


Stress-free bells

The system can be used as school bells system, which is adapted to current standards and include stress-free bells. These are modern and dynamic signal melodies. They are used instead of the old-fashioned pause signaling, harsh and unpleasant and failing mechanical sounds that one can consider as a real relict of the past.

Fire protection

The system was developed by Polish engineers with many years of experience in designing electroacoustic and fire safety systems and who have taken part in hundreds of actual installations of such systems in various facilities. Therefore PAIVO School enables:
- optional use of batteries as an additional source of power in case of a mains power failure,
- optional use of the so-called backup amplifiers: if one of the (main/basic) amplifiers fails, the backup amplifier automatically takes over its functions
- automatic transmission of pre-recorded messages, e.g. about evacuation, from the system's memory

Terrorist protection

PAIVO School enables automatic transmission of pre-recorded messages, which can be activated by safety buttons arranged in the facility. Its task is to inform teachers about risk of attack and students about the procedure in case of this situation.

Input/output devices

PAIVO School system enables connecting external audio sources such as:
- mixers
- music players
- wireless microphones
- Bluetooth devices

Mobile cabinet

Its basic task is to provide sound to the areas where (nie są nagłośnione systemem podstawowym). Simultaneously, the mobile cabinet is an additive support for the main system and can take over its function in case of fail by the time of master controller startup.

Plug & play system

Product is user- and installer- friendly. It is designed so that person with only basic knowledge can install and launch it.

Volume signaling

Sound level indicators are designed to measure noise level in order to help teachers with the discipline. When volume level does not exceed acceptable standards, the LED light is green, otherwise it changes its color to red.


System enables to control clocks located in the facility.

Multi-zone system

The purpose of the multi-zone system is the ability to broadcast different messages in different areas of a given facility.

Coded messages

Information about risk will be provided to teachers through coded messages in order to prevent panic among the students.

Sound system for school gyms and sports fields

Thanks to our engineers with many years of experience in designing electroacoustics and wide range of speakers we will provide sound to school gyms and sports fields.

Network communication

Network communication is the solution for bigger facilities where at least 2 PAIVO School units are required. It enables to control and manage the system as one unit.


Intercoms are designed for voice communication with other intercoms or microphone consoles. It can be used as a tool to communicate between staff room and principal office. Our company’s intercoms are powered directly from PAIVO School’s system which makes them installer- and user- friendly.


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