Power Supplies


We offer what we have the best, that is a wide range of services developed based on the experience and knowledge of our engineers and professional tools and equipment.

Engineering, Research and Development Services

- design and creation of dedicated audio products and solutions
- electronics design and production
- creation of firmware and GUI

Project Consulting

- development of the concept of Voice Alarm systems
- Voice Alarm systems optimization
- preparation of a description of Voice Alarm systems
- selection of equipment / hardware
- choice of speakers
- development of optimal speaker placement
- development of a technical specification
- trainings for designers of the teletechnical and architectural industry

Technical support services for investors and contractors / clients

- engineering support at every stage of investment implementation
- help in receiving the object
- assembly of the cabinet
- programming, commissioning, tests
- measurements

Electroacoustic services

- electroacoustical measurements
- computer-aided acoustical simulations
- speaker line impedance and power measurements
- speech intelligibility measurements using the STIPA method
- sound level measurements

Advisory services in the field of building acoustics

designing and delivering solutions to reduce noise and improve acoustic comfort in rooms
- advice on the construction application of the acoustic norm PN-B-02151-4: 2015-06
- acoustic simulations (EASE)
- selection of materials (eg acoustic ceilings, claddings, etc.)

Other advisory services

- acoustics consultancy
- advice on the use and interpretation of fire protection standards including the harmonized PN-EN 54-16: 2011 standard