Solutions for office buildings


A certified, modular and reliable sound warning system that will ensure the safety of employees and guests of your office building. Thanks to the use of the Voice Warning System, your facility will also meet the required fire safety regulations.


Measurement services, design and technical support. Thanks to an experienced team of engineers, we provide electroacoustic services at the highest level.


Sound systems tailored to the user's needs and the specificity of the facility. If you are the owner of a smaller facility where the VAS system is not legally required, we offer you a comprehensive service of selection and delivery of appropriately selected sound equipment. Thanks to this, you will enjoy clear and clear sound in your building, which will make your time more pleasant and improve the work of your employees.


VAS in office buildings

Typically, the sound system in office buildings accompanies us throughout the facility and is of great importance in protecting people, the building and the rooms. It performs both everyday information functions and enables well-organized communication and organization during emergency events requiring, for example, evacuation during a fire or terrorist attack.

Properly selected and configured sound system in the office building guarantees high quality of messages delivered to all people staying in the facility. This increases the comfort of using the facility, especially for a large number of people located on many floors of the building.

An important factor in configuring the sound system in office buildings is their construction, often covering large areas as well as smaller rooms of specific companies. The key here is a good quality sound system that ensures proper intelligibility of messages in all acoustic conditions, so that in the event of a threat, a clear and consistent message reaches everyone.

The use of the Voice Alarm System (VAS) is required by law, which requires the installation of a certified system in high-rise buildings and public utility facilities.

That is why the quality and appropriate adaptation of VAS to the conditions in the facility are so important, because correct and understandable communication is crucial.

The task of the VAS system is to effectively deliver voice or automatic messages to people in at-risk areas. What is important in this case is the sound intensity and speech intelligibility, which depends on the acoustic conditions of the building and the appropriately selected and configured system.

Applications of the VAS IVO system:

  • alerting about the threat of fire,
  • alerting about terrorist and bomb threats,
  • alerting about a disaster,
  • evacuation control,
  • music background,
  • publicizing information and commercial messages.


  • system modularity
  • easy, individual configuration
  • easy expansion
  • versatile use
  • highest quality
  • no redundant elements
  • availability and quality of service and availability of spare parts

Completed installations in office buildings