IVO Voice Alarm System

17 September 2018
IVO Voice Alarm System


  • Innovative solutions
  • Polish construction
  • Fully EN 54-16:2011 compliant


The IVO control panel is intended for the smallest installations that do not require complicated fire scenarios and for large installations where processing of several audio streams and fiber transmission are required.

The project of the IVO control panel assumed that the electronic systems of the system would be energy-efficient and the system scalable. The developed devices have high efficiency and do not need additional air-conditioning systems to ensure proper working conditions. In Voice Alarm System installations in which music is played on a daily basis, the fact of using energy-saving devices has a significant impact on lower electricity bills. The power of the VAS units reaches up to several tens of kW and the devices also take up energy in the waking state.
The logic system developed for the IVO reduces the energy needs of the control panel to a minimum. At the same time, the output of full output power is ensured, also with battery power supply.

In larger systems where independent sound control is required on individual lines, multi-channel amplifiers are required. The IVO control panel enables configuration of the system for both cases as well as operation in mixed mode.

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