WB – Power amplifier

23 January 2023
WB – Power amplifier


  • Class D
  • Transformerless 100 V output
  • True RMS output power
  • 24 V DC direct powered
  • Independent audio channels


WB amplifiers are equipped with transformerless output and a microprocessor-based system that manages and controls WB units. Amplifiers require exceptional low demand for battery capacity.

Amplifiers are powered by 24V DC directly from the ZDSOP24 power supply unit. The construction of units allows to use one of independent channel as a redundant amplifier. There are 1, 2, 4, and 8-channel amplifiers with capacities oer channel 125W, 200W, 500W RMS. WB amplifiers take 1U of space in a 19″ rack cabinet.

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