EN54-24 spherical speaker DELK 130/10 PP1

17 September 2018
EN54-24 spherical speaker DELK 130/10 PP1


  • Housing resistant to weather conditions
  • Can be installed in hard-to-reach places
  • High sound quality


The stable and effective hanging spherical  DELK 130/10 PP1 loudspeakers are made of high quality powder coated steel that is completely corrosion-resistant. They are equipped with a high quality broadband speaker with a diameter of 130 mm. Aesthetic and unique housing offers exceptional quality of the sound. Because of suspended mounting system, the speakers DELK 130/10 PP1 can be placed in places inaccessible to the installation of other speakers. The sets are equipped with an installation box in which there is a 3-pin ceramic cube
together with an overload fuse connected to the loudspeaker by the HTKSH-PH90 cable additionally secured with a steel cable of adjustable length. The loudspeaker is equipped with a thermal fuse installed directly under the dome of the loudspeaker. The set is used in systems with line continuity monitoring by impedance method. Additionally, when installing as a cover element, the OsKs cable cover in a color similar to the speaker’s color is used. The standard length of the HTKSH wire is 2 m.

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